Pet Waste Station

According to the EPA, pets and urban wildlife are major sources of water contamination because pet waste contains harmful bacteria and parasites. Dog feces can contain fecal coliform bacteria, which can spread diseases like Giardia, Salmonella, and Campylobacter, causing serious illness in humans.

In September Friends of Peak Creek approached town management for permission to install several pet waste stations around town. The town enthusiastically agreed to the request, and volunteered to split the cost and agreed to services and maintain the stations.

In October these stations were purchased and installed at Jackson Park, Kiwanis Park, Heritage Park along the Dora Trail, 6th Street Park, Main Street opposite the court house, and at an unofficial dog park by South Washington Ave. Peak Creek through downtown Pulaski is at a particularly great risk for this because there are several parks and grassy areas where pets are walked near the creek and the downtown storm water drains flow directly into the creek.

There has long been a Town ordinance that pet owners must collect and properly dispose of pet waste. Now there is much less of an excuse for ignoring that ordinance!