History of Friends of Peak Creek

Incorporated in 2013, FOPC is dedicated to preserving a vital historical part of the Town of Pulaski, by improving water quality and ecological habitat, fostering environmental awareness and education and therefore helping to develop recreational and economic opportunities associated with the waterway. Governed by a eleven-member Board of Directors with input from representatives from the Town, County and local organizations, FOPC meets every fourth Thursday at 6 PM at the Parish Hall at The Christ Episcopal Church, Pulaski. The public is encouraged to attend.

Early image of Stone Cutters and Stone Masons building walls of Peak Creek -downtown Pulaski

When downtown Pulaski was laid out in the 1880s, the development company cut a new course for meandering Peak Creek and channeled the creek with impressive walls of dry-stacked native stone. This allowed the filling of the swampy flood prone lowland and created the Main Street area of today.

For many decades the creek bed was periodically dredged and brush was removed from the walls. But now all Pulaski residents (and visitors) can see what years of neglect have done to that once attractive Creek and its historic walls .

Through time, dedication and the support of hundreds of volunteers of thousands of hours of work, we are bringing back Peak Creek to health.   Will you join us?