Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance and preserve a valuable headwater of the New River, improve water quality and ecological habitat in the creek, foster environmental awareness, help develop sustainable recreational and economic resources for all to enjoy.


Peak Creek Restoration Prioritization Plan: This plan is a comprehensive restoration plan that quantifies and prioritizes the holistic restoration needs of Peak Creek. This plan, created by the New River Conservancy and funded by FOPC, was presented to the Pulaski Town Council in July 2020. It is the result of 16 months of planning, research, and field work. The PCRP Plan mapped the land use, erosive creek banks and known hazards in a 2.2 mile section of the creek located within the Town limits. It has prioritized potential restoration needs based on many factors including creek bank instability, land ownership, expense, and potential effectiveness.

PCRP Plan Appendix: This appendix is an aid to the Peak Creek Restoration Prioritization Plan.

VA Interagency Nonstructural Flood Risk Management Assessment: This plan was a result of a collaboration between a Silver Jackets Team from the Army Corps of Engineers, the Town of Pulaski and Friends of Peak Creek. The final plan is a flood risk assessment whose purpose is to increase public awareness of flood threats, promote collaboration within the community, increase flood resiliency, strengthen public preparedness and help reduce future risk.