Peak Creek Walkway

FOPC supplied and planted over 100 native Virginia shrubs along the Peak Creek Walkway in Downtown Pulaski. Aided by community volunteers and Town staff, Virginia Sweetspire, Clethra, and Fothergilla were installed to attract pollinators, create a natural boundary, and enhance the creek environment. Refurbishment of the Peak Creek Walkway has always been part of Pulaski’s Downtown Revitalization Plan. Located atop the Northside of the creek along the wall, the Walkway is bordered by a planting bed. During the planning stage, FOPC volunteered to furnish and plant shrubbery for the bed.

The new border provides several benefits: it enhances environmental habitat, improves the view of Downtown Pulaski, supports the revitalization plan, and last but not least is an example of local volunteers coming together to improve their community. Challenged with finding the right shrubs, coordinating contractor’s schedules, predicting the weather, and a little thing called a pandemic — we pulled it off. Special thanks go to the Town of Pulaski staff and Pulaski on Main for their support of this project.