Duck Food Dispenser

While the best practice is to never feed people food to wildlife, many can’t resist throwing bread to our ducks and geese in Peak Creek. Let’s admit it, it is fun to see the ducks swim towards you and scramble to get those tidbits. Numerous people can be seen quite frequently throwing goodies off the Washington Avenue Bridge. A downside to that is “Angel Wing Syndrome” which is a condition in water fowl that results in lack of development in wing strength due to malnourishment specifically from being fed too much bread and junk food. Our first “angel wing” was observed in downtown Peak Creek in 2017.

FOPC, in conjunction with the Town of Pulaski, installed a dispenser filled with cracked corn on the Washington Avenue Bridge in order to provide appropriate food for those who enjoy feeding the ducks. It not only provides nutritious food for the ducks and geese in the creek, but adds to the walkability of Downtown Pulaski and helps support the transformation the Town is undergoing to be a more inviting and attractive community. The duck food dispenser was installed in October and dedicated to the late Reverend Vickie Houk, first President and a founding member of Friends of Peak Creek.