Dora Bird Trail

Eastern Bluebirds are an asset to farmers and gardeners because their diet consists almost entirely of insects in the spring and summer. According to one study the Eastern Bluebird population has plummeted as much as 90% due to shortage of natural cavities for nesting, competition from house sparrows and starlings, and pesticides.

Envisioned by FOPC, built by County volunteers of a Go Pulaski team, placement designated by a resident Master Naturalist, installed by Town crew members: the Dora Bluebird Trail is a true community effort. A volunteer group from the first GO Pulaski County effort built 10 bluebird nesting boxes and donated them to FOPC for a bluebird trail along Peak Creek. Master Naturalist and FOPC member Bill Opengari determined the placement of the boxes and Town of Pulaski maintenance crew installed them along the Dora Trail.

Now numbering twelve boxes, the trail is monitored weekly by volunteers during the season and the data is reported to the Virginia Bluebird Society. If you would like to attend an educational walk along the trail or volunteer as a monitor contact Friends of Peak Creek.